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Onteon Control Center - Requirements


Control Center should be installed on separate pool of nodes. It can run on single node (for development and test environments) but for production environments at least 3 nodes installation (2 nodes installation is not supported) is recommended for HA (high availability) of Control Center.

Parameter Value
Chipset Architecture x86_64
Processor (CPU) one 2 GHz CPU minimum
Physical Memory (RAM) 4 GB
Disk Space (HDD) 5 GB (without shared folders for applications and upgrades files)
Operating System Linux
Java (for Node Manager only) Open JDK 17 (recommended)
Oracle JDK 17

Shared folder between nodes is required for applications and upgrades files (more about it here).

Control Center is supported on: Ubuntu 18.04, Ubuntu 20.04, Centos 7, Centos 8.

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